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  • Danielle Adams

A Letter to the Meredith college Angels receiving their onyx

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

To the Meredith Angels receiving your Onyx,

What I wouldn’t give to be in your shoes again! Ring Dinner is hands down one of the sweetest traditions that Meredith College has to offer and just like your first Cornhuskin’, you’re finally getting to “experience” it. What a joy! You’ve put in the countless hours in the library, studying all night long to make sure you obtain everything you need to slip on that beautiful black ring. The day you’ve been counting down till is FINALLY HERE.

As you prepare yourselves for Ring Dinner, remember to be present. This is the night you’ve been waiting for for over two years. You’ve put in the work, and it’s finally your time. As you sit at Ring Dinner tonight, surrounded by your closest friends, remember each feeling of nerves and excitement. Remember the words of advice that the speaker gives to you, the smiles and the tears of joy, and that utmost love you have for good ole Meredith College. Because guess what? That never goes away. Believe me when I tell you, you’ll remember this night for the rest of your life.

Receiving your Onyx is about SO much more than just a (very) beautiful piece of jewelry. It’s about your introduction into a sisterhood of women who have come before you, who believe in you and want to see you succeed in everything you set your mind to. This is a sisterhood of women that support one another and will encourage you to be at your best. This ring binds you to thousands of strong women who are changing the world, thanks to an education that is irreplaceable. The Onyx has taken them to places far and wide, and now we get to see where your Onyx will take YOU.

I encourage you to write down your favorite moments, songs, and memories from Ring Dinner in the days following. You’ll thank me down the road, I promise, as this is one of my favorite keepsakes from my time at Meredith. Here’s a short excerpt from my journal about

Ring Dinner:

"The night had finally come. RING DINNER. Our nails were done, our hair was curled, makeup was applied, and our hearts were about to explode. Looking around the table, everyone was giddy with excitement. I couldn’t believe that the night I had counted down till was finally here. I will never forget slipping my Onyx on for the very first time and seeing it on my finger. Emotions, screams, and tears rushed the room as we were officially inducted into the infamous sisterhood of Meredith College. How blessed am I to go to a school where receiving such an honor brings such joy and tears to my eyes?! I don’t think this love for Meredith could ever go away."

So as you experience Ring Dinner tonight, I encourage you to embrace every moment. Take lots of photos. Write down your most cherished memories. And never forget that you are backed by a sisterhood that will always stand beside you, supporting you in everything you do.

With love,

Danielle Adams

Meredith College Class of 2018